Raffles Cup

established in 2016.

Dubbed "the golf competition for those who can't play golf", the Raffles Cup was established in 2016 as an invite-only social golfer's competition, with emphasis on the social side of the game.

The competition was originally founded by expat golf players who lived and worked in Singapore, which gave rise to the name of the Raffles Cup, and today it remains very much an international competition.

Two teams, derived from the participant's favourite drink, The Gins and The Tonics, do battle every year, going hard on and off the course, to see who will lift the trophy aloft at the end of the competition.

A new location is selected for each edition of the competition, and players are invited to participate from across the globe. To date, the Raffles Cup has had participants from the UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Switzerland and Vietnam take part in the competition.

Thank you for your interest in the competition, and we look forward to seeing you at the next edition soon.

The Raffles Cup Committee